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Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.



This exercise helps you make difficult tasks achievable with ease, enthusiasm and without exhaustion. It’s for introverted entrepreneurs who find they often need to perform tasks that take them right out of their comfort zone.

Great for:

  •  Introverted entrepreneurs
  •  Anyone needing to perform tasks that are quite a stretch out of their comfort zone
  •  People who are drained by public speaking and struggle with presentations.
  •  Business owners who seem to have lost their way or purpose

Many cultures highly value extroversion, and the world of business is no exception. As an entrepreneur, the challenges can be epic, especially when you are flying solo in your business. In this case, you will frequently be the brand, and this in itself is a tough place to be when you are an introvert. There are numerous tasks ? like public speaking, team meetings, and planning sessions which can leave an introverted business owner feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and overstimulated.

The exercise that I am sharing is designed to help you manage these situations so that you can move through them with ease by creating a deepened connection to the uncomfortable task you need to do for your business. Most introverts find it extremely difficult to engage in something that lacks substance and has no meaning or purpose. By deeply connecting to the topic of the talk or the reason for the work, there is a greater sense of ease and the task becomes a step in contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

Getting to the core of why the work you do is important is a key to carrying out these comfort-zone-stretching tasks with ease. You can overcome your discomfort with the more difficult aspects of your work by recognizing the meaning of what you’re doing, the part that gets you all fired up and the benefit for the greater good 먹튀검증커뮤니티.
In short, appreciating that you are an introvert allows you to recognize your deep need to be involved in projects that are important to you, and this allows you to perform at a much higher level.

I was always a shy introvert and would turn as red as a beetroot if I needed to speak in front of a group. My chest would tighten and my voice would waver. Somehow I would get through, even though tears welled in my eyes and I felt so uncomfortable with everyone looking at me.

Since then, I have developed this technique which has enabled me to identify how the work I do is really important, that it is serving others and the planet. I’ve realized that my voice is needed in order to help others, and my mindset has totally shifted. The result? I have hosted radio shows, conducted 100’s of interviews, delivered training all around the country, and become a keynote speaker at international conferences.


You can do this exercise alone, or with the guidance of your coach.

Identify one aspect of your business that is difficult for you. Write it down.

1. Close your eyes. Breathe. Think about this aspect of your work.

2. Where are your struggles? How does that feel? Where do you feel it?

Write or draw your answers. Or you may prefer to just visualize them. Either way, be sure to get a strong sense of how you react when you think about this task. Notice how your body responds, where you feel it, how intense the feelings are. See it, smell it, taste it, really experience it.

Breathe. Let it go.

3. Now think about why this aspect of your business matters. See the flow-on effect of you performing this. What happens next? Where does the benefit flow? How does this contribute to society or the world?

4. How does that feel? Where do you feel it?

Again, really feel and sense how your why makes you feel in your body.

5. Breathe. Hold this feeling of expansion. Smile.

6. Draw yourself completing this task with ease (or, you can write about it).

7. Draw the benefits (or, you can make a list of why this is so meaningful).

8. The next time you need to do this aspect of your work, schedule a few minutes of quiet time beforehand so that you can repeat this activity. Then complete the task at hand.

9. Make sure you plan some quiet time immediately afterwards, so you can regroup and recharge.

Pete, one of my introverted clients, would struggle in his own way. His mind would chatter away about how this was all too hard, how unimportant he was, how he would be better off just quitting. Before following up with a client, the chatter would start ? had he done a good enough job, were they upset with him, had he really made a difference? Before signing off on a job, he would read and reread his work, the chatter asking the same sorts of
questions ? is this enough, is it right, do I need more quotes?

In our work together, we pinpointed the times when the chatter would start. I taught him this technique and he began using it straight away. Pete noticed that his confidence levels began to shift. When the chatter started up, Pete would take the reins and remind himself of how important his work is to the world ? and then get out there and make a difference!

The key with this exercise is in recognizing the importance of your work ? the meaning, value and gifts you bring to the world. When you do this, the significance of what you do very quickly outweighs your fears, mind chatter, and self-consciousness, your feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and worry.

Trust in the importance of your work. You are the messenger. Deliver your message ? with ease!

Tips for coaches

If you are a coach using this with your client, make sure you have a few large sheets of paper, some colored pencils, oil pastels and markers ready for this session.
Please understand that there are no judgments on artistic ability, this is entirely for your client… it is a powerful way to create shifts.

I have created a worksheet that you can use ? you can find it here:

This is a powerful way to connect in with the deeper meaning. For introverts, it is particularly empowering and can reignite passion and inspiration. It can also be used with extroverts who need a boost of confidence.